October 18, 2015

West Elm + Wax by Lax

I  remember when we first started our Wax by Lax journey and we talked about our first craft show. I told my hunny how I had always dreamed of being a vendor at a show. So we signed up and we were accepted and there we went buying all the props we would need to get started. I was certain that craft shows were exactly what we needed to get Wax by Lax off to the right start. 

Well... it wasn't all I had hoped for. It was hot and raining and super slow. At the end of the show, the amount of money we made still managed to leave us in the negative but it was a great experience for us both either way. We talked to customers about our product and our process and we started getting more comfortable sharing our candles with others.

Almost 10 months later, and I am in awe at how far we have come. We had our third "pop up shop" today (2nd at West Elm) and every time we do one, I am still in awe at how much we have achieved in such a short time.

Wax by Lax wasn't something I ever imaged would turn the way that it has and even though we still have SO MUCH to learn, I feel confident that we have done pretty well.

Our little angel is what keeps us going -- making him proud is our goal. I just hope that he is looking down at us from heaven and is happy with his momma and daddy <3



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