October 17, 2015

Moving Out

It's been a week since we left our old apartment for our first home together. It was indeed a bittersweet day for me. After all, it was my first apartment by myself and because of that, it has a lot of symbolic meaning to me. I also went through so much in that apartment. I went through literally the best times of my life and the worst so to say it was difficult to leave, may actually be a little bit of an understatement. Besides the fact, of course, that I absolutely loved our community.
It was in that apartment that I saw my hunny for the first time in over 10 years. He came over, brought me food, and we sat on the couch watching True Blood. It was late and awkward and so amazing all at the same time. It was there where we had our first kiss. It was also there when we decided to try to have a baby and there that I found out I was pregnant. The worst day of my life also happened there, when I found out our baby was gone to be in heaven. 
 The months that followed were the worst of my life. I was completely broken and as I tried to find my way back to normality again, I saw myself surrounded by the same four walls. I would clean and sometimes break down and cry. I was reminded every day of our baby boy, where we had put his crib, and I would constantly imagine how our life would be different if everything had turned out OK. I would try SO hard to focus on all the amazing things that came from this place. But finally, it was time for a change.
This school year I started at a new school. It's been an amazing change and so cathartic. Now, we are in our new home and we are absolutely in love with it (apartment tour blog post coming soon!). I love it, it feels fresh and so amazing. I am less than 10 mins away from work now so it's easier and I get to sleep in a little bit more in the morning. I even get to come home for lunch and see my hunny. 

Yes, I do sometimes miss the area where we used to live but our new place is SO much better and it's a place we picked together and made it a "home" together. I am excited to see what new adventures we will have here.
our first kiss in our new home <3

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